The Stokes Twins info and more

Does Alan Stokes have a girlfriend?

Girlfriend / SpouseSasha Spilberg (2017) – It was rumored that Alan Stokes went out with Russian YouTuber and social media star, Sasha Spilberg, in the year 2017. However, nothing of the sort was confirmed by either Alan or Sasha and they have both also appeared in one another’s videos a couple of times. Source

Who are the Stokes twins dating?

Alan Is Dating Leslie Contreras. On the twins official Facebook page there are several posts which refer to Alan’s relationship with Leslie Contreras. The two seem to have been dating for a while and their posts suggest that they are both very happy. Source

Are Alex Stokes and Selena Gomez dating?

Regarding his relationship status, Stokes is single and is living a dating-free life at the moment. He has remained silent when it comes to disclosing his past relationship facts. Some online sources have mentioned that Selena Gomez and Kendall Jenner are his celebrity crushes. Source

Are Leslie Contreras and Alan Stokes dating?

Alan Is Dating Leslie ContrerasThe two seem to have been dating for a while and their posts suggest that they are both very happy. Contreras also posts a lot of videos on TikTok where she plays piano, dances and performs comedy sketches. Source

Are the Stokes twins related to Brent Rivera?

The Stokes twins, 23, have worked with major companies like Chipotle, Amazon, Ubisoft, and Crocs. The brothers are represented by Amp Studios, a content studio and talent incubator founded by the popular YouTube creator and former Vine star Brent Rivera. Source

Are the Stokes twins married?

Alan Stokes isn’t married yet and is living a single life. He has a clean love life records. He has never been linked with any ladies but might have been dating a secret girlfriend. First time on the court ? also why does Alex look 2 inches taller than me?? Source

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