The Stokes Twins

With more than 15 million followers on TikTok and a combined 9.2 million Instagram fans, Alan Stokes said he and his twin brother, Alex, charge a “low five-figure” rate to make sponsored content for brands on social media.

The Stokes twins, 23, have worked with major companies like Chipotle, Amazon, Ubisoft, and Crocs.

The brothers are represented by Amp Studios, a content studio and talent incubator founded by the popular YouTube creator and former Vine star Brent Rivera.

Though they are popular on Instagram and YouTube, they have leaned heavily on TikTok for growth in recent months as the social-video platform has caught fire

Alan Stokes and his twin brother, Alex, first rose to fame on Instagram by adopting a familiar twin trope: posting photos of themselves in matching outfits.

The pair, now 23, have a combined 9.2 million followers across two Instagram accounts. They’ve consolidated their fan bases into shared Stokes Twins accounts on YouTube and TikTok, on which they have 3.25 million and 15.1 million followers, respectively.

The brothers still make videos of themselves wearing the same outfits, but they’re now attracting five-figure sponsorship deals and creating branded content for companies like Chipotle, Ubisoft, and Amazon, Alan Stokes said.

In a sign of the times in the influencer world, they are also leaning heavily on TikTok to grow their business.

The Stokes Twins Tiktok

“Two years ago, we didn’t know we’d be doing TikTok,” Stokes told Business Insider. “Our goal is to continue to make videos and expand and grow and see what other cool projects and opportunities we can take on. Pretty much grow as a brand and a business.”

The phenomenon of social-media “twinfluencers” is well-established, with popular twins like the Dolan brothers leveraging their social-media followings to snag sponsorship deals and build direct-to-consumer brands.

The Stokes brothers have focused on growing their audience across key social platforms like YouTube and TikTok. They film videos as a pair and with other creators who work under the same management company, Amp Studios.

Amp Studios, a content studio and talent incubator, was founded two years ago by the YouTube creator and former Vine star Brent Rivera. The company represents Rivera, his sister Lexi, the Stokes brothers, and a handful of other young stars who have accumulated millions of followers on platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok.

“We have a full-fledged content ecosystem where we develop content and creators,” Max Levine, the chief operating officer at Amp Studios, said. “Now we have around nine channels in the studio, and we’re hitting over 1 billion views per month.”

The Stokes twins focus on sponsorship deals with large brands
Stokes said he and his brother initially focused on making sponsored content for Instagram posts and stories and including product integrations in YouTube videos but that their rapid follower growth on TikTok last year has enabled them to make “a lot of brand deals through TikTok.”

The brothers and Amp Studios are able to negotiate “low five-figure deals” for just one to two sponsored posts on their TikTok and Instagram accounts, Stokes said.

“Sometimes it can be TikTok and Instagram stories as well, but most of the time it’s maybe like a TikTok video,” he said. Pricing can depend on how organic the post is and how pushy the advertisement can come off, he added.

Stokes Twins Pranks

Levine said the company typically charges a flat rate per post rather than using a cost-per-view model because views are highly variable.

“You don’t know if you’re going to get 100,000 views, or there are literally videos with 100 million views,” he said.

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The twins haven’t made many deals for paid song integrations on TikTok, one of the common ways that TikTok creators earn revenue on the app, because the fees are too low.

“There are much lower budgets for music campaigns,” Levine said.

“For more popular songs where there’s a higher budget and it’s more organic, we’ll probably consider that offer,” Stokes said. “We could do a song placement every single day, but we don’t want every post to be an ad, and we just focus more on the bigger ones.”

The brothers are all in on social media, not Hollywood
While some TikTok stars are looking to turn their social-media fame into acting careers, with some creators even signing up for acting classes, Levine said the Stokes brothers are focused on boosting their audiences on social platforms.

“When a lot of creators reach this inflection point, they want to get into acting or music,” Levine said. “Kids are watching YouTube and TikTok now. We want to really double down and triple down on content. We know for a fact we can build a bigger footprint and bigger career.”

He added, “It might not be a sexy answer, but we’ve kind of seen it historically work.”


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